Dance classes with Tracie Lee


Available for private & corporate functions teaching easy fun routines for audience participation.




Dances taught recently...

Ok with Me (Michelle Risley)

A Little Danger (Jef Camps)

Gone West (Maggie & Gary)

Train Swing (Niels Polsen)

Through the Night (Roger Neff)

Senorita La la La - (Julia Wetzel)

Bonaparte's Retreat (Maddison Glover)

Rumba to the Rhythm (Michele Burton)

Silver Wings (Josh Talbot)

VHS (Rob & Lynne)

Let's Talk About Us (Ozgur & Steve)

I think I found Love (Neville & Julie)

One Less Day (Tom Glover)

Don't Worry Baby (Maria Smith)

Lonely Blues (Rachael)

Missing You (Gordon Elliott)

Swagger Hips (Chris & Linda)

Lento (Ira Weisburd)

Lonely Lovers (Maddison Glover)

Shakes me like Thunder (Mike Hitchen)

Off The Beaten Track (Gary O'Reilly)

Thank You (Tina Argyle)

Codigo (Pat Stott)

A Little loyalty (Julia Wetzel)

Everybody Dance & Sing (Roger Neff)

Runaway Heart (Travis Taylor)

West Texas Waltz (Terry Hogan)

That's how much i Love you (Daniel & Rob)

Down on your uppers (Gary O'Reilly)

Leave a Trace (Jose Miguel)

A Country Race (Niels Poulsen)

Homesick Heart (Maddison Glover)

Waves of Love (Gary O'Reilly)

Burning the Roadhouse Down (Rob Fowler)

La Fiesta Cubana (Roy, Daniel, Marjana, Maggie)

I'll be waiting for you (Josh & Allison)

Mr Jukebox (Tom Glover)

Love Flow (Niels Poulsen)

All I am is You (Julie Wetzel)

Small Talk (Penny Kelly & Cathy Pugh)

Girl with a fishing rod (Christina Yang)

Outside Looking In (Gordon Eilliott)

Tonight (Sandra Burns)

Vita Nuova (Ira Weisburd)

Beautiful Crazy (Travis Taylor)

Big Coconuts (Marja Urgert & Jan van Tiggelen)

La Belle Romania (Ira Weisburd)

Sun & Sea Cha Cha (Wil Bos & Hyunji Chung)

Get it Right (Maddison Glover)

Simple as Can Be (Julia Wetzel)

Texas Time (Josh Talbot)

Born to Love you (Penny Kelly)

Waltzing Whiskey (Rob Fowler)

Who Needs Mexico (Kath McManamon)

Little Beach House (Penny Kelly)

You are the Reason baby (Alison Johnstone)

Try to Remember (John Bishop)

Like a Fine Wine (Jeff & Sebastian)

Rodeo Boots (Maria Smith)

Doing the Walk (Pim, Jef, Roy)

Today is Yesterdays Tomorrow (Gordon Elliott)

Safe in my Arms (Kevin & Maria Smith)

Double Down Two Step (Michele Burton)

www.west (Fowler/Guichard)

Please Remember (Gordon Eilliott)

Ride Away (R. McGowan Hickie)

That's Important to Me (Carl Sullivan)

One Kind of Woman (Tracie Lee)

The Older I Get (Tracie Lee)

Love me or Leave me Alone (Michael Barr)

Dancing Solo (Kevin Formosa & Allan Kenny)

Sweet Caroline (Darren Bailey)

Eyes for You (Jo Thompson Szymanksi)

Your Kiss (Michelle Palmer & Robert Fletcher)

The One you're waiting On (Maddison Glover)

Hillbilly Fever (Sandy Kerrigan)

Go On & Go (Maria Smith)

Cool Cowboy (Maria & Kevin Smith)

Old Fashioned Broken Heart (Maria Smith)

Friday at the Dance (Rob Fowler)

Champagne Promise (Tina Argyle)



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